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Not Everyone is Heard.


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Teams function at less than 60% of their true potential

82% of Team members

feel misunderstood and undervalued.

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Team leaders rarely, if

ever, hear the truth from their people.

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Leaders undermine their influence every day

without even knowing it.

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All problems are rooted in one of five key leadership areas.


A breakdown in communication creates:

  • Drama

  • Unnecessary conflict

  • Inefficiency

  • Dropping the ball


A breakdown in relationships creates:

  • Gossip

  • Mistrust

  • Turfwars

  • Toxic environments


A breakdown in alignment creates:

  • Wasted effort

  • Duplicate work

  • Lost time

  • Division


A breakdown in execution creates:

  • Unmet goals

  • Missed deadlines

  • Blown budgets

  • Damaged credibility


A breakdown in

capacity creates:

  • Burnout

  • Turnover

  • Missed opportunities

  • Stagnation

How do we solve this?

We help you become a LEADER that others WANT to follow.

We provide self-study online leadership training and one-hour group coaching sessions designed to help improve your skills incrementally and apply what you’re learning immediately.


This includes access to a leadership coach that supports you in the process – answering questions along the way and jumping on a 1:1 calls to help process through individual learnings or challenges you are facing.


Start investing in your leaders today!

For Individuals

We will focus on strengtheing your entire team around 5 crucial metrics – Communication, Relationship, Alignment, Execution, and Capacity.

All issues on a team come from one of these five areas"
- Communication: Are team members communicating effectively?
- Relationships: Are team members managing relationships appropriately?
- Alignment: Does the team share the same vision?
- Execution: Is everyone trained and capable?

- Capacity: Can the team perform at the required limit?

For Teams

Workshops and Speaking

Experience transformative learning and inspiring talks with Ivan, the founder The Better Place. Engaging events help teams, organizations, and individuals become unstuck & unlock their full potential.

Are You Ready to 
Become Unstuck?

I partner with clients to navigate complex challenges in the digital world, designing and implementing innovative solutions. As a coach, I ignite personal growth and guide individuals to become leaders worth following. As a speaker, I provide thought-provoking insights and inspire a motivation to ignite change to help you and your teams become unstuck in this modern leadership journey.

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Meet Ivan.

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