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Why work with us?


Create a common leadership language that contributes to a healthy culture where members take part in the overall innovation and success of the organization.


Spark a chain reaction of collaboration, igniting internal creativity, and ensure everyone feels heard and valued driving your organization's success.


Ignite cross-departmental synergy, unleash hidden potential, and build trust with new leaders that guide team members with confidence.


Transforming Team Communication

Experience the power of the 5 Leadership Voices in this series of interactive workshops. Together you will deepen relational trust, unlock your team’s true potential and accelerate its performance.

The outcomes you will experience:

  • Increased self awareness and confidence as each person discovers their Leadership Voice

  • Deeper relational trust

  • True collaboration - every Voice is heard

  • Honest conversations become the norm 

  • More robust decision making

  • Greater alignment and increased team performance 


Keynotes for your teams and organizations


The Communication Code

What if we had a code that we could use to make sure our efforts to communicate didn't get lost? When we try to communicate we actually only transmit information. This code will improve your communication with your organizations and families.


The Peace Index

In today's globalized world, Chaos is everywhere. This keynote dives into understanding how Chaos affects you and gives you practical exercises to help solve your real life issues around Purpose, People, Place, Personal Health and Provision.


The 5 Gears

The habit of being over productive and under present is running rampant in our digital world. Over time we actually lose productivity because of workaholism and undermine our relationships. Learn the key to regain balance in your life and being present and productive.

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Self-Guided & 1 : 1 Coaching


PRO Subscription

Our online platform with hundreds of hours of leadership courses will increase self-awareness and is the professional development solution for you and your team and it's only $10/month per person.


PRO Subscription with a Coach

We tailor our online platform with hundreds of hours of leadership training for you and your team. This option bolsters the online experience with a coach that will work with you through your courses to solve individual or teams' needs.

Start your journey today.

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